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MEGA Engine Gasket Kits for Japanese and Korean Small Cars

MEGA specializes in manufacturing Engine gasket kits of Japanese and Korean small cars. We have more than 1000 sets of products for forty years (not including customized products). Our engine gasket kits are applied to after-market, and therefore, our products have the quality of good value, easy installation, and can be customized according to different markets. We also promote our own brands. Currently, there are three main brands on the markets, which are MEGA, SUPERSEAL, and NEW MEGA that customers can choose by themselves (except the markets that already have agents). The following are the car brands we have produced:

Japanese and Korean Cars

European and American Cars


























Questions about MEGA Engine Gasket Kits


1.How to order MEGA engine gasket kits?

A: You can visit our catalog on official website ( to tick the items you need and send the inquiry list, or send email to Please provide OEM and engine number for us to check.

2.What to do if you cannot find our engine gasket kit model on MEGA website?

A: You can provide the sample for MEGA. We will evaluate if we can develop the product and then quote the price.

3.Does MEGA engine gasket products come with warranty??

A: Under normal usage, standard products (non-customized) provide one-year warranty, or mileage is under 10000 kilometers.

4.Does MEGA provide the engine gasket kit sample?

A: MEGA can provide the sample and charge it in advance. But if you place the follow up order, we will deduct it from the order.

5.Does there is MOQ for each engine gasket kit?

A: If there is inventory, MEGA does not have MOQ, but if there is no inventory, we will set MOQ by each item.


Other Gaskets/ Parts

Gasket Material

The parts in engine gasket kits are different materials of seals to prevent from leaking oil and gas at engine junction.

Choosing gasket material will significantly impact how the material performs in the intended application on your vehicle.

MEGA provides types of gasket materials to select for building your vehicle gasket, each with several tolerances for you to choose.

Below we provide graphite gasket material, metal/steel gasket material, and non-asbestos gasket material. 

Pick the gasket material with the right thickness and longevity

Interface Material

The Interface material that MEGA uses is aiming to help customers meet their requirements for performance improvement, the certainty of operation, and easy installation

Rubber Parts

We also offer a variety of rubber parts materials, including VITON, ACM, Silicon, and NBR. Our rubber parts materials are from a  wide range of grades, each of which offers different characteristics and makes it suitable in different situations.

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