Rooted in the Hometown - MEGA Gasket Industry Co., Ltd. in Yuanlin


Located at No. 11, Lane 556, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Yuanlin, MEGA Gasket Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 (Republic of China Year 68). With over 40 years of professional experience and technical expertise in the manufacturing of automotive parts, it has earned a solid reputation as a trustworthy automotive parts manufacturer in Taiwan. The company specializes in producing gasket sets and repair kits for automotive engine systems.


MEGA Transportation's third-generation owner, Mr. Lin Po-Hsiu, spent his early years in Yuanlin and returned to the town in 2011 to take over the family business. He started as an apprentice and faced both challenges and successes during the transition. Through these experiences, he grew and thrived, and during his return to his hometown, he also met his beautiful wife.

Developing the Hometown was MEGA's Original Intention


Yuanlin, compared to other areas, may not be the most suitable place for industrial development. However, MEGA chose to develop in Yuanlin and prioritizes hiring local employees from Changhua. In 1990, when the government opened opportunities for Taiwanese businesses to invest indirectly in mainland China, despite the tempting prospects in China, MEGA's first-generation owner remained steadfast in keeping the factory in Yuanlin. This decision was made to ensure job security for the employees.


"Many of our employees have watched me grow up," Po-Hsiu mentioned. When he took over the family business, he wanted to provide stable employment for the workers. His decision to stay in Yuanlin was also driven by a sense of gratitude and appreciation, fostering a harmonious relationship between Po-Hsiu and the employees.


Persistence is continually modifying methods to achieve a goal under an unwavering belief.


In MEGA's first decade of operation, Po-Hsiu defines persistence as follows: "Persistence is the continuous modification of methods to achieve a goal under an unwavering belief. It may not always be a straight path; it might involve twists and turns. Adaptation is something I consider crucial in the future because the world changes faster than you think. You have to keep adjusting and evolving with the changing world, but no matter what changes you make, you should never go against your core beliefs."


It's like riding a train on an infinite track. We never know if the next stop is an abyss or a spring. Even in the darkest of times, we must maintain our determination. And when the scenery is beautiful, we shouldn't get complacent. Those of us driving the train must remain vigilant at all times. Although it can be challenging, we should also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way without regrets.


Source : 落地員林深根故鄉美佳交通工業股份有限公司